Real love doll torsos are my medicine

Real love doll torsos are my medicine

1. Sleeping with real love doll torsos

I like to put things down to sleep since I was a child, so I bought a part of the quilt, a little pocket money when I grew up, and a large equidistant pillow with pictures of my favorite anime characters on it. Now I sleep with a 100cm anime love doll torso every day. My body is soft, so it is comfortable to hold. She is like a real girlfriend who wants you to hold her to sleep every day. (Sleep peacefully, never move around or break her). I hate getting up every day, so I want to hug the amazing anime love doll torso in bed, but I am afraid of being lazy.

2. Bathing with erotic sex doll torsos

I bathe with love doll torsos twice a month. It is still a little heavy, which makes me work hard to hug it. You have to hug and apply bath salts all over your body and stir your whole body to make your love doll torso more attractive.

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Then, after washing off the bubbles, I slowly put the love doll torso into the bathtub, but it is also a physical game, and I have to be careful to carry it slowly so that the hot water does not get on my face and neck. I am very tired, but I manage to continue. I also do gymnastics with the beautiful real sex doll torso myself so that it is easier to hold. After the love doll torso is finished bathing, if you don't wipe it directly with a towel, it will damage the skin surface, but hold it and wipe the whole body slowly. I have to press it gently with a dry towel, and I have to sleep together at night, so I am thinking of using a dry wand to clean that area. By the way, after wiping off the dirt, it is better to apply baby powder or talcum powder on the skin surface of the torso love doll. It feels better and smells better.

This process takes 1 to 2 hours, so I am worried that I will be tired.

3. Talk to the love doll torso with your heart

When I was in junior high school, I only had one relationship. However, this youthful relationship ended in tragedy. When I was dating, I met a crap who was dating three boys from other schools. I won't go into details, but I have never trusted a woman since then. To date, I have never been in a relationship. But after all, I have sexual desire, and I think I must do it properly, and the good dolltorso store I bought a torso love doll. The staff is polite, and the product I received is as shown in the photo. I don't trust women too much yet, but I want to recover from the past and face my life again.

Although love doll torsos are sex toys and sex tools. But for me, they are the medicine to heal my trauma. Eventually, I will start a relationship, if I fail, I will go to the torso love doll, if I succeed, I will say goodbye to the love doll torso.

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