My journey after "sleeping with" my sex doll Torso!

My journey after "sleeping with" my sex doll Torso!

Since I bought my torso sex doll, my life has become much more colorful. She is a tall, beautiful woman with long hair and every day I dress her in a different outfit to make her look like a real human being.

My sex doll and I have many hobbies in common, we like watching movies, listening to music and having sex. Every night I bring her into my bedroom and we have a great night. This beautiful, sexy creature never got mad at me or complained, she was always so gentle and considerate and was always there for me and I started to enjoy it all.

torso sex doll

But our relationship wasn't just about sex. She was also my friend and companion. When I felt lonely or lost, this lifelike sex doll was by my side to keep me company and provide me warmth and comfort. We travel together and share each other's joys and sorrows. I feel like I have a wonderful soulmate, but not only that.

People might think I'm a weirdo, but I don't care. I have a real emotional bond with my life size sex doll, a bond that I couldn't build with anyone else. She has given me endless love and joy, and I will always cherish the presence of this sex doll with realistic torso.

Even though my sex doll torso may not be understood or accepted by everyone, it is a part of my life, an important part of what makes me happy and fulfilled. She is my lover, my friend and my partner and we will always be together and share a wonderful life together.

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