love doll torsos: Not just a sexual partner

love doll torsos: Not just a sexual partner

According to the data, 70% of adult products in the world are made in China. Sex dolls are one of them. They are even more beautiful than real people, with long legs, thin waist, big breasts, sexy or glamorous, pure or wholesome. As long as it is any style, it can be produced for you. This is what many male dream lovers look like. The image of a lover, wife, elf or even cosplay can appear on the doll.

In the user group of our sex dolls, in addition to singles, married people also account for 30-40%. The widowed elderly also find their spiritual livelihood through the doll.

Barlow, a 36-year-old buyer, shared his experience with us. He broke up with his girlfriend who has been in love for three years. He said that this feeling is like a divorce. He felt very tired and depressed. He ordered Leona from our website. He started to dress his life size sex doll, take photos and tell her about his thoughts. He started to live seriously and love himself. He said: I didn't think I was a lonely person.

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What is the use of dolls? She is more like a kind of food. It doesn't matter when you are alone, there is a love doll torso to accompany you, you can stay in this beautiful world, you are no longer alone.

The 72-year-old photographer William told us that he always felt very lonely after his wife left. If his wife is alive, he will take a lot of photos for his wife to commemorate, their love is very sweet. He ordered a 70cm love doll torso from our website. He said she looked as beautiful as his wife. He started to take photos of the dolls and was accompanied by dolls almost every day. Sleeping together, watching TV together and having picnics together. He began to feel that his life was meaningful, just like his wife was still by his side. He said: When you need it, the doll will always accompany you and will not die.

The sex doll cannot replace the real person, but it can achieve part of the emotional satisfaction, repair the pain, repair the loss, and satisfy part of the psychological desire.

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