How to use a torso masturbator?

How to use a torso masturbator?

1. Cleaning and Disinfection: Always clean and disinfect the torso sex doll thoroughly before and after each use. Follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions and use warm water and a suitable fragrance-free, alcohol-free soap or special sex toy cleaner.

2. Use appropriate and appropriate lubricant to increase comfort and reduce discomfort. Choose a lubricant that is safe for this type of sex torso sex toy (e.g. silicone or TPE) depending on the material requirements and add it as needed.

sex torso doll

3. Warm up and relax: Make sure your body is fully warmed up and relaxed before you start using. This can be achieved by gently stimulating other sensitive areas, taking deep breaths, or enjoying the pleasant atmosphere.

4. Slow and gradual penetration: When using a torso masturbator for the first time, you should penetrate slowly and gradually. Make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed, and avoid life-size doll torso sex dolls that are too large or inappropriate.

5. COMMUNICATION AND AWARENESS: Stay in communication with your body and pay attention to any pain, discomfort, or unusual sensations. If there are any abnormalities, you should immediately stop use and consult a doctor or professional health advisor.

6. PERSONAL HYGIENE: When sharing torso sex toys with multiple people, be sure each user takes personal hygiene measures to reduce the risk of spreading germs and infections, such as: B. through cleaning, disinfection and/or use of condoms.

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