How to choose torso doll clothes

How to choose torso doll clothes

Lifelike torso sex dolls are known to be made from two materials: silicone and TPE, but the manufacturing process usually requires a mixture of silicone oil with other excipients to keep the love doll torso soft. However, this also causes Ava to leak oil in everyday life and prevents her from wearing different clothes at will to avoid getting dirty or damaged.

Do you attract silicone torso sex dolls? As the saying goes, a person is only as good as his clothes. Even if a person is not that pretty and good-looking, wearing decent clothes can add a little charm. The same applies to torso love dolls.

Whatever clothing you choose, it is beautiful and the different styles will complement your personality and feelings. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to love doll torso dress codes and how to dress elegantly.

real doll torso

Before dressing, you must first apply talcum powder to the surface of the real doll torso. This makes the torso love doll more realistic and easier to wear.

Secondly, the sex doll torso should not be dressed in very light clothing. Silicone is oil based and will not lose its color when dyed. Therefore, it is best to wear white, light pink or flesh-colored clothing. This is very important. Love doll torsos are the worst for stains.

Clothes that are too tight and have long sleeves are not suitable for teen torso sex dolls. The surface of Japanese sex torso dolls may be dented because they are difficult to wear or last for a long time. We advise against purchasing them.

Fourth: Do not wear brooches, sequins, necklaces or other clothing with sharp edges or embellishments as this may damage the sex torso doll.

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