How to choose a first love doll torso?

How to choose a first love doll torso?

Love doll torsos are being accepted by modern society. The torso sex dolls and their owners appear in numerous movies, documentaries and social media, helping to draw attention to and acceptance of the hidden world.

People who never knew about love doll torsos begin to think that torso love dolls are for them and begin to investigate the possibility of buying one.

However, overwhelmed by torso love dolls, he finds himself not knowing and finds that it is a more difficult problem to pick out the right one for himself from the thousands of them.

Here are some suggestions that we hope to help you if possible.

Step 1: Check the appearance of the torso sex doll

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When deciding to buy a love doll torsofor the first time, you need to do research: spend some time looking at product photos on the website and looking for love doll torso ideas from the photos to get started. Focus on appearance features, such as hair color, eyebrow shape and body shape, rather than clothing.

Love doll torsos can be dressed up as you like, so you don't have to be obsessed with cute clothes! It is important to go to social media to observe the comments and daily life of real doll torso users.

Step 2: Consider practicality

Now that you can see the shape of the love doll torso, we can also consider other aspects. Learn all the post-processing you need, including where to store the torso sex dolls, how to maintain and clean them.

This is to save time and energy to take care of the daily life of the love doll torso. If you are happy to integrate the love doll torso into your life, then you don't have to struggle to learn the tricks of taking care of it.

Step 3: Choose the height

Now that you have learned the basics of torso love dolls and what kind of female sex doll torso you want to make in the end, it's time to buy it.

The first thing to decide is the height. Generally speaking, the taller the love doll torso, the taller the real doll torso you choose. When choosing the height of the female sex doll torso, it is best to consider whether there is storage space at home. If you don't have space at home, we recommend that you consider a smaller torso sex doll.

Step 4: Custom-made or ready-made?

Now, I have to make the biggest decision, buying a love doll torso. Should I buy a ready-made one or choose a customized one?

Even in the finished product, the seller can choose various features such as customization, skin color, presence or absence of voice, standing posture, etc. But don't forget the perfect image you decided before. You can choose a few features you want, and finding a finished torso sex doll that suits your image can save you a lot of money and time.

Well, even knowing in advance that there are options for customization, it is difficult to find the ideal torso sex doll, and choosing customization is essential. Customization allows you to choose all features, such as body shape, head, and subcutaneous blood vessels.

Remember that loving a torso sex doll is an investment. Do not force yourself to compromise on an appearance that you do not like. Compromise will ruin your experience. Instead, taking the time to discover that all the information and personal preferences you have obtained in the previous steps will help you customize your real doll torso to meet your expectations and bring you an excellent experience.

Step 5: Order

Once the appearance of the torso sex doll is determined, we will make a custom order, but due to the long lead time for making and shipping the torso sex doll, please prepare accessories and clothes for the sex doll torso at this time and change the clothes after arrival.

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