How should sex doll torso stores choose their locations?

How should sex doll torso stores choose their locations?

Site selection about the sex doll torso can be said to be the first step in opening a store, involving all subsequent operations.

A. Surrounding entertainment facilities

In the user's field, it is desirable because it is very clear about certain things!

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However, the rent of most entertainment venues is very high, and the surrounding areas can be considered as appropriate during the site selection process.

Second, the surrounding of the university campus

Young groups need more pornographic products under the influence of hormones!

Of course, the campus here is a university campus. The law prohibits the opening of adult product stores near elementary and junior high schools, but not near universities.

However, like the red-light district, many markets around campuses are saturated, competition is fierce, and it is difficult to open stores. As a solution, you may need to consider areas slightly farther away from the campus.

3. Concentration of floating population

If the local entertainment facilities and university campuses are saturated, the concentration of floating population should be considered. Some areas are roughly divided, please refer to.

If it is a local resettlement area, the rent of this part is cheap, and many users have a large floating population.

b If there are factories around factories with high population density, especially traditional OEM, there are many young people and more requirements for erotic products. But I recommend more affluent industrial areas!

In c's night market business district, train station, bus station, they are all mobile, but most of them are not inclined to online shopping, but more offline physical stores.

Because the address is diverse, it is best to determine the store address based on the city you live in, the environment around the store, the population density, etc., and then choose the location.

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