How to become a sex master?

How to become a sex master?

There are only three kinds of sex that make men feel comfortable, "long-lasting sex", "intense sex" and "high sexual desire". But how can a man do these three things?

Androgen is the key to becoming a sex master in bed and has a significant impact on male fertility. Generally speaking, the higher the androgen, the more sexual desire a man has. Male androgen peaks between the ages of 22 and 25, and then declines year by year. How do you know if you have the potential to become a sex man?

Beard growth rate: Androgen secretion is directly related to male beard growth. If you just shave in the morning and your beard looks like stubble at night, it shows that you secrete a lot of androgen.

Muscle development: High levels of androgen stimulation are essential for large muscles, and boys' muscular development indicates that there is enough androgen production. In addition, sleep quality and the body's immunity are evidence of androgen.

Sex Doll Torso

Sexual intercourse lasts long, sexual intercourse is fierce, and sexual desire is strong. This is based on two studies conducted by Dr. Bill Kramer in 1990 and 2000, in which heavy weights, resistance and combined exercise of multiple muscles do increase the production of testosterone (testosterone-androgen). It can be achieved through exercise that has been proven to be very effective.

In other words, more exercise = more androgen. What exercises can make me sexually active? In sexual activities, no matter what your posture is, you can't do without your lower back, abdomen and thighs, so it's important to exercise these muscles. The author recommends two movements, weighted squats/curls. Leg muscles are the engine of the body, accounting for 2% of muscles. Well-developed legs can effectively stimulate the secretion of androgens, which helps penile erection and sexual desire. Well-developed abdominal muscles allow men to better control their tough, stable and long-lasting postures without getting tired too early.

Of course, the sensitivity of the penis is also important. For those who have no sexual experience, onahoru love doll torsos can also be tried in. If you have perfect intercourse with torso love dolls, your sex life will be great and you will be closer to your goal of becoming a sex master.

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