Either way, it's getting difficult to keep up with reason.

Either way, it's getting difficult to keep up with reason.

And we have no idea where we're going

Left or right, small or big governments - most countries have failed to contain the not-so-noble virus, the novel coronavirus. And beyond that, we have no idea where we're going.

Lockdowns and reopenings have become like Morse codes - dots and dashes - that destroy normalcy. No sign of vaccines is a worrying trend. Hospitals are too full with corona patients to address other issues like mental health.

But not everything is terrible with the lockdown. Sex toy industries are traveling extra far to contain madness, if not corona.

Idiots are those who say sex takes your mind away. It's different. Love doll torso and sex toys are the ultimate sources of novelty effect in the virus outbreak. This is why their sales have increased after the first case in the United States. What do I mean by novelty effect?

BBW Life Size Big Tits Booty Torso Sex Doll

Well, loneliness, work and over-familiarity have the same conclusion. You end up with a lousy sex life. Sad when it's the only source of entertainment we have in our four-chambered walls. Isn't it?

Your brain needs something new to feed on! And real doll torsos and toys feed the much-needed novelty. And novelty brings back your sanity. I double dare you to try it. You don't have to trust my words. This is why sex toy industries are taking care of our domestic stress with sophisticated real doll torsos that mimic humans so that we can enjoy the times ahead.

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