Cold Knowledge - What is the difference between a torso sex doll and an airplane cup?

Cold Knowledge - What is the difference between a torso sex doll and an airplane cup?

Torso sex doll and airplane cups are two common products in the sex toy market. Although both serve to satisfy people's sexual needs, there are many differences between them.

Introduction to Torso Sex Dolls

sex doll torso

Torso sex dolls are simulated sex toys that often replicate the shape of a real human body, including the head, torso, limbs, etc. Sex dolls have an inflatable internal structure that allows the user to adjust the firmness of the doll according to their needs. The advantage of torso sex dolls is that they look and feel more realistic.

Aircups - Hand-held sex toys

The cup is a hand-held sex toy that is usually shaped like a cup or cylinder. The user can apply a lubricant to the inside of the cup and then simulate the sexual act by manually pumping. The advantage of airplane cups is that they are more comfortable and discreet, allowing the user to satisfy their sexual needs at any time and in any place.

In general, torso love dolls and cups are very different in terms of appearance, use and effect. Torso Realdolls are more realistic and experience-oriented, while airplane cups are more practical and discreet. Additionally, TPE sex dolls are often more expensive and require more space and maintenance than airplane cups, while airplane cups are relatively cheap and easy to clean.

Although both torso sex dolls and airplane cups are widely available in the sex market, there are significant differences between them. Before purchasing, users must make a decision based on their needs and preferences. Regardless of whether you choose a torso sex doll or a cup, you must maintain good hygiene and use it safely.

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