Check your sex doll torso regularly

Check your sex doll torso regularly

Currently, most live action torso dolls on the market are made of thermoplastic elastomers called TPE or silicone. Sometimes a mixture of both is used. Still, torso sex doll manufacturers are constantly looking for improvements they can make to how sex torso dolls feel. Sex torso dolls on the market today offer amazing experiences, but as you know, every good company wants to do better. Therefore, newer versions are usually always better suited to the experience they offer.

Although the sex doll torso making process is competent, we still need to inspect the love doll torso regularly. It is important to identify any damage to the torso love doll as quickly as possible. Mistakes that are not corrected can become risky. You can also quickly go from something easy to manage to something that requires you to get rid of torso dolls or pay for expensive repairs. Here are the steps you can take to inspect the torso sex doll:

sex doll torsos

Check the torso doll's skin for flaws or blemishes.

Check the torso sex doll's genitals for signs of damage or other signs of regression.

Move the torso doll's joints slowly and carefully. Consider whether there is any misalignment or rigidity.

Do you smell something dirty or musty through your nose?

If you find a problem, please fix it immediately.

We understand. Sometimes the conversation with your torso sex doll can get a little heated. We love it and hope you get the most out of your sex doll torso. We help by donating love torso dolls made by the best craftsmen with the best materials.

Still, rough sex can damage your torso sex doll. It's just the reality of life. Enjoy the doll sex torso experience, but be aware that torso dolls with some rough handling will not last as long as torso dolls with their docile owners.

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