Charity encourages using NHS sex doll torsos to help paedophiles

Charity encourages using NHS sex doll torsos to help paedophiles

Paedophilia is still viewed as a criminal offence in our society rather than a type of mental illness or disorder. Sure, there are reasons for the hatred. Societies and laws around the world are taking drastic measures to stop paedophiles, but this only makes the situation more complex. So what is the ultimate solution? One of the suggestions that is currently appearing in the media is - using sex doll torsos. An Asian country like China is producing and flooding the market with sex doll torsos. Both TPE dolls and silicone dolls are now on the market and the number of love doll torso users is increasing day by day.

While manufacturers are producing adult dolls, the demand for child sex doll torsos is also increasing day by day. It has been found that people in the European country are importing child sex doll torsos from Chinese manufacturers. However, European manufacturers are also actively producing child sex doll torsos in recent years. The sales rate of the child love doll is jumping day by day. Nowadays, people also have the option to buy an adult or child sex doll torso from the famous e-commerce platforms like, eBay and Amazon. If one group of people actually consider the child sex doll torsos as a possible cure for pedophiles, another group of people consider selling and buying real love dolls is hypocrisy. Recently, a controversy was raised when the authorities managed to stop some of the child sex doll torsos during transportation.

Sex Doll Torso

The Controversy About the Use of Child sex doll torsos by the Pedophiles

People using sex toys have been almost accepted in the societies all over the world, but these societies do not accept sex doll torsos even if it is only for their good. Juliet Grayson, the chairperson of Stopso, mentioned that "society should consider the use of dolls." She added that if someone expresses the guilt of pedophilia, when a child sex doll torso is meant to ensure that other children remain unharmed, it is our duty to help him do so. Allowing the import and use of child sex doll torsos by pedophiles can literally help some innocent men who do not want to hurt children. However, recently a British judge ruled that child sex doll torsos are "obscene". More than 120 child sex doll torsos were seized by the British authorities at border checkpoints. However, many people have challenged the decision to ban child sex doll torsos as these sex toys and sex robots are easily available on eBay, Amazon and Alibaba.

The Benefit of Child sex doll torsos

People who are attracted to the children are diagnosed as pedophiles by the doctors. They cannot help themselves but enter into an intimate relationship with the children. A large number of the girls are victims of pedophilia from men. However, there are no medical ways to cure pedophiles. Then how about the people who have been diagnosed as pedophiles but don't want to hurt a child?

The benefits of using child lower body sex doll torso come here. The use of adult silicone doll and TPE dolls is widespread. What if the manufacturers can develop similar sex doll torsos that look like minors? It will be a great help to those seeking help. sex doll torso manufacturers in Asian countries like China and in European countries are already producing childlike dolls with an average size of 3 to 5 inches. These beautiful dolls can also be found in e-commerce vendor sites like Amazon, Alibaba and eBay. Besides, if you want a customized doll, you can place a similar order to the manufacturer. Although most Chinese manufacturers produce and export childlike dolls, they don't always openly accept the truth. On the other hand, many manufacturers do not produce childlike dolls due to social "moral" values.

Wrap Up

Every people has the right to live their lives freely and without harm to others. People who suffer from pedophilia and are committed to not harming any child deserve our attention and help. Encourage the pedophiles to buy and use child sex doll torsos so that they can learn to control their desires and live peacefully in society.

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