Can a sex doll torso replace a woman's body?

Can a sex doll torso replace a woman's body?

There was a new news about a real doll torso being groped to death by strangers. She was exhibited in an adult exhibition and men flocked around to check if she was real. Indeed, her soulful eyes, mischievous smile and smart demeanor raised eyebrows. The modern sex doll torsos are so realistic with outstanding details that they can easily be mistaken for real women. Realistic sex doll torsos are like flames of femininity that embody the beauty of women. Then how can they objectify the female race? They are created by sculptors who truly admire a woman's body.

The Objectification Theory

According to the Objectification Theory published by Barbara L. Fredrickson and Tomi-Ann Roberts, sexual objectification occurs whenever a woman's body, body parts or sexual functions are isolated from her whole being and treated as objects to be easily consumed or desired. The same argument applies to the use of vibrators as objectification of humans as they are shaped like a penis without the body. Porn too celebrates sexual objectification.

TPE Love Doll Torso Half Body

The concept of sexual objectification comes from feminist theory. Society in general believes in two gender roles, either 100% male or 100% female. While the woman merely competes as a “love interest” with no wants and needs and the man is encouraged to be “man enough” to dominate her. Society needs to educate people at an early age that women do not exist just for other people’s pleasure.

Sex Robots

Robot “sextech” is revolutionizing the global adult industry by adding AI features to boost the pleasure quotient. sex doll torso torsos are programmed to have different personality traits, skills and a strong sense of humor just like their female counterparts. These AI dolls speak and respond to touch and are built to maintain an honest relationship with their owners. The same relationship paradigm that internet users share with strangers under fictitious usernames and reveal their innermost feelings without fear of being judged.

While the sex doll torso can take care of men's perceptions and their sexual needs, they can easily stop sex trafficking and replace prostitutes in brothels. There are sex doll torso brothels where visitors are entertained without STDs and without the guilt of cheating. There are sex therapists who recommend sex doll torsos to their patients diagnosed with hypersexualism. Healthcare providers treat pedophiles with sex doll torso torsos to control their obsession and protect children from abuse. This wonderful toy objectifies a woman's body so beautifully that it can help create a safer society.

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