Be careful when purchasing sex torso dolls

Be careful when purchasing sex torso dolls

Almost every first love doll torso buyer is thrilled when she arrives. Expectations are high, dreams are strong and so are erotic fantasies. But while I personally think the excitement is good, it also brings with it typical dangers.

Taking the love torso dolls out of the box and carrying them to bed is not without problems. Many people forget that the torso love doll does not automatically retract its hands, arms and feet when door frames, walls and other obstacles appear. In addition, many people underestimate the weight of the torso sex doll. Lift the love doll torso gently, but the momentum in the "bridal pose" works out of the box. Be sure to remove all straps, pads and other obstructions. Remove your wig beforehand so that it doesn't get stuck. If the buoyancy is too jerky for you, you can twist your back, even with lighter models. Do it slowly and always lift your legs, okay? Even a 20kg doll torso makes a big difference whether I wear the love doll torso in the bridal position or in the hugging position!

sex doll torso

When you transport the love doll torso in the office chair to the bed, pay attention to her feet, on the doorstep and of course on the door frame! It's a shame when you get your toes scratched or sprained, don't you think?

Some sex torso doll stores even offer a full or partial refund if you don't receive your order as described. This is good news for consumers. Your torso doll will be worth the money if you buy it from a reliable store.

Call before purchasing
The dealer discussion It is best to speak to your dealer before ordering the lifelike companion. Feel free to let them discuss your options and the purchase or delivery process.

Do Love Doll torsos photos look real or fake?

In many cases, real women are used as models for selling love doll torsos.

Many of you may think that masturbating with love doll torsos is a good idea, yes, but every sex doll torso user has their own whim and fantasy when it comes to buying their own doll torso. So, consider the tips discussed above and win the torso sex doll scam! !

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