6 Questions About love doll torsos

6 Questions About love doll torsos

When buying a female sex doll torso, buyers tend to contact their friends to know how to buy the doll, what specifications to check, what to look for, etc. But no more. If you are planning to buy an adult doll and are concerned about how to choose the right doll, the following guide will surely help you.

Below are some important and frequently asked questions that you must ask when buying a doll online.

Q.1. What is the material of the sex doll torso?

It is very important to understand what material the love doll torsos are made of. Usually, you will get TPE and silicone sex doll torsos. If you don't know the difference, ask the seller to update you accordingly. Both silicone TPE dolls are soft to the touch. However, TPE is much softer than the previous material. If you want the doll's skin to be as soft as a feather, look for a TPE love doll torso.

Q.2. Are the dolls flexible?

You may want to try different sex positions with the doll. So, it is very important to make sure that the expensive Japanese sex doll torsos in New Jersey can withstand the pressure. The dolls must be flexible enough to allow you to try all kinds of positions that you have in your mind. So, look for a doll with a strong skeleton and flexibility.

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Q.3. What is the size and height of the sex doll torso?

Before finalizing a doll, check the size and height of the doll. Well, it totally depends on your needs. Determine whether you need just the torso, a mini sex doll torso or a full-fledged love doll torso that is the average size and height of a real girl. Most buyers prefer to buy full-size sex doll torsos to have realistic sexual pleasure. The skeleton of such dolls is heavy, just like a real girl. So, if you can handle the size of the doll while sleeping with her or if you have enough space in your home to store her, you should look for a nice realistic adult doll.

Q.4. Is customization available?

Most online stores offer customization options that allow you to customize your doll according to your needs and preferences. While browsing the online store for a cheap sex doll torso in Washington, you may find a few options to customize your silicone dolls. These options may include choosing between a variety of wigs, types of fingernails, nail colors, skin colors, eye colors, hair colors, vagina colors, and dolls with or without pubic hair.

Q.5. Does the sex doll torso come in different body shapes?

This question is somewhere related to the above question. While checking the customization options, don't forget to ask the vendor if the doll comes in different figures and body shapes. Different men have different preferences. Some prefer an hourglass while others prefer a pear-shaped body. Similarly, men have different options for large/small breasts, large hips, etc.

Q.6. What are the shipping costs?

Check the shipping costs beforehand to understand what the doll would cost in total. While some vendors may ask you for a small shipping fee, some vendors may not charge the doll for shipping. Therefore, it is obvious that choosing the latter is the ideal option to save a few bucks in your pocket.

A lifelike sex doll torso will fulfill your physical needs. So, while you are planning to bring her home, be very careful about the type of doll you need. Filter your search accordingly and get ready to burn the leaves.

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