4 reasons why more and more people are buying torso sex dolls

4 reasons why more and more people are buying torso sex dolls

It seems that erotic love doll torsos are a hot commodity and the emergence of erotic real doll torsos has taken place in recent years. Even with such a boom, it shows that there is a growing international market demand and that one can imagine future sales of live sex torso dolls worldwide. It will increase significantly. So why are real doll torsos so popular? Come and analyze it. There are five main reasons for this.

A serious imbalance in the relationship between men and women is the main reason

real doll torso

There are more and more single men in the world, and widespread homosexuality has also turned some men into male sex torso dolls.

Increasing separation of couples

Some men have to separate from their wives because of their work. However, every person has sexual needs, and some people buy torso sex dolls to satisfy their sexual needs.

People like to be fresh

With the emergence of sex doll torso, many people have become curious, and the curiosity is definitely reflected in some people, and if someone takes the lead, it will certainly influence countless others around him. Because if someone takes the lead in this curiosity, this social atmosphere will slowly spread and create a huge market impulse.

Sex torso dolls are priced to suit all people

The live real doll torsos currently on the market are divided into high, medium and low grades. Prices range from $100 to several 500 dollars or even 1000 of dollars. This makes the prices affordable for students and low-income people around the world, which is another important reason why sex doll torsos are so popular.

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