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Lena: 18.7 LB Slender Figure Torso Sex Toy in US Stock

Lena: 18.7 LB Slender Figure Torso Sex Toy in US Stock

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Enhanced Breast Volume with Gel

Lena’s breasts may not rival the size of her close friend Vidona, but they offer a realistic tactile experience. Their size is perfect for gentle kneading and palpation, fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Soft and White Skin

Lose yourself in the tactile symphony of our torso sex dolls’ soft and white skin, which whispers secrets of authenticity with every stroke. From the gentle undulations of goosebumps to the softness of the nape, each sensation is an invitation to immerse yourself in a realm where sensory exploration knows no bounds.

Beginner's Entry Sex Doll Torso

If you’re considering entering the world of female love doll torsos, Vena stands out as an excellent choice. Her perfect breast-to-hip ratio, affordability, and manageable weight make her an accessible option for an exceptionally satisfying experience.

Built-in Flexible Metal Skeleton

The stability and flexibility of the skeleton allow for infinite possibilities with Lena’s seductive legs. Experiment with different angles to spread her legs, immersing yourself in touching her, merging seamlessly, and experiencing waves of climax.
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