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Joyotoy Doll

Joyotoy Renewal Powder Brush

Joyotoy Renewal Powder Brush

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Net Weight 0.7lbs / 20g
Gross Weight 3.5lbs / 100g
Total Length 4.72n / 12cm

Premium Material

Our Renewal Powder Brush boasts robust aluminum tubing and synthetic fiber bristles. The reinforced aluminum tube imparts strength and longevity to the brush, eliminating concerns about potential damage or deformation. Simultaneously, the soft and supple synthetic bristles provide a gentle, smooth, and comfortable application experience, ensuring your doll’s skin is treated with care.

Comfortable Wooden Handle

The handle is carefully ergonomically designed to ensure a comfortable and stable grip. Its smooth touch gives you a pleasant tactile sensation. At the same time, the natural texture of the wooden handle adds a touch of elegance and beauty to the overall appearance.

Tailored Bristle Shape for Torso Dolls

Our distinctive bristle design is meticulously crafted to flawlessly conform to the contours and intricacies of your torso doll. This precision ensures effortless and accurate application of Renewal Powder. Whether you’re covering the entire body or performing a selective touch-up, it’s a breeze to use, guaranteeing consistently excellent results with each application.

Comfortable stainless steel handle

The handle has been meticulously crafted with ergonomic design for a comfortable and secure grip. Its sleek surface offers a delightful tactile experience. Additionally, the stainless steel handle’s natural texture enhances the overall aesthetic appeal with a touch of elegance and beauty.
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