Will real doll torsos replace the deceased?

Will real doll torsos replace the deceased?

Everyone has different expectations for this particular type of love and sex. For example, there is a group of realistic ass masturbator lovers who want to have the most perfect sex doll torso possible for their daily life and for whom the integrity of the love doll torso is more important. Those who have lost a loved one or are elderly need companionship more than anything. So can a sex doll torso replace a deceased person?

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Once upon a time there was a man abroad named Steve who had a happy family but the tragic death of his wife brought him endless loneliness and isolation so he wanted to buy a realistic real doll torso but he was hesitant to buy a physical sex doll torso just like his wife design. He said it was driving him crazy, he didn't want to be lonely, but he needed his mind somewhere else and wasn't ready for a relationship with a new woman yet, so he decided to buy a ready-made physical torso sex doll instead a tailor-made one.

He says realistic physical love doll torsos are helpful for him because his children and brother have their own lives. Sometimes he really doesn't want any contact and conversation with the outside world, then he likes the simplicity of life and Realistic Sex Doll Torsos. When he is frustrated, the puppets listen to him quietly and do not interrupt him. In fact, he talks a lot to the physical sex torso doll about various topics without worrying about other unexpected reactions. He loves the feeling of cuddling and the physical doll sex torso will always satisfy his needs.

A real physical sex doll torso can bring healing because it is easier to interact with. A real human has emotions and needs, while a physical real doll torso is a quiet, calming presence.

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