What is the treatment method for love doll torsos that need to be disposed of?

What is the treatment method for love doll torsos that need to be disposed of?

When the material of the love doll torso becomes old or a new product comes out, ask "Where should I dispose of it?"

You may need to dispose of these large products for various reasons, but here are some suggestions on how to do the right thing.

Throw it away "somewhere"?

Of course, this is not a perfect method, and you may see some strange news in the newspaper. For example, this torso sex doll abandoned in a sewage river, suspected to be a corpse!

In addition, this method is not environmentally friendly, because most love doll torsos are buried or burned in incinerators at best.

Thrusting Torso Sex Dolls Male Masturbator

Second-hand goods sales

For now, this is very good. However, second-hand torso love dolls, even if they are beautiful, are not easy to sell, and are generally used as human models. Another big problem is shipping costs.

You can try it on various platforms such as Internet bulletin boards and second-hand goods sales websites. It seems that there are some vendors who buy second-hand torso love dolls, but I don’t know what the final disposal method is.

Recycled female sex doll torsos

A very realistic solution.

First of all, torso love dolls are regarded as metal scraps and can be recycled.

Secondly, if you can't put the whole real doll torso into a metal trash can, try to separate the plastic skin from the iron inside, which is easier to recycle.

What is your next move?

There are two options, depending on where you live and how you recycle.

Manual recycling: The real doll torso can be sold to a small recycling plant, where the plastic is removed manually and the TPE material can be recycled into other products.

Automatic shredding: The female sex doll torso is shredded along with many products, and the metal part is removed mechanically.

Most major cities have automatic recycling corners. Just pour it into a metal recycling container and the whole process is complete.

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