Fix your love doll torso eyelashes with simple steps

Fix your love doll torso eyelashes with simple steps

A few months after you started using your love doll torso, you may have noticed that your eyelashes are missing. Don't worry. This is completely normal and it's easy (and cheap) to fix.
Since the manufacturer only uses false eyelashes and soft gel, it will fall off one day. This is because it won't damage silicone or TPE.

Use this guide to learn how to replace or put your original eyelashes right away. What tools do you need to do this?

Big Boobs Sex Doll Torso

- A box of false eyelashes (available at makeup stores)

- Rush glue

- Rush curler

- Eyelash glue

The price will range from cheap to expensive. Of course, the better the quality, the higher the price.
If you don't have eyelash curler tweezers, you can use other tweezers.

The adhesive is for skin and eyelashes only. Don't use other glues because they will damage your sex doll torso and eyelashes.

First, you need to clean everything, including old glue and dust.

Fix the eyelashes with eyelash tweezers and wait for the adhesive to dry in place.

You can use scissors to adjust the length of the eyelashes after putting them on. Next, show your makeup skills and recreate your eye makeup with your favorite eyeliner!

Either use new lashes or the original lashes on your torso love doll's face. After applying the new lashes, you can recreate them with eyeliner

Use only cosmetic glue. Do not use strong adhesives such as 502 as they will damage your real doll torso and lashes.

You can change the style at any time, in which case you need reusable lashes

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