Why do you need to know the weight of a torso sex doll?

Why do you need to know the weight of a torso sex doll?

Before purchasing a torso sex doll, it is important to understand the weight of your tpe torso sex doll. The weight of the sex doll torso is often the first unexpected surprise that many sex torso doll owners experience. You may think that 70 pounds isn't that heavy, but when it's a full body, it can be much harder to carry than a 70 pound barbell. How do you plan to move your sex torso dolls to different parts of your home? How do you plan to move her into a different gender position? How do you get them into the bathroom so they stop cleaning? It is important to understand the ideal of owning a torso sex doll before taking the plunge.

For example, a love doll torso with full, wide hips can weigh up to 50 pounds, while a shorter, slimmer torso love doll can weigh as little as 20 pounds. In general, a normal full size silicone sex torso doll or TPR doll torso weighs about 15kg on average. The weight of a sex doll depends on the size and proportions of the torso sex doll.

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What is the lightest torso sex doll?

If a bulky real doll torso is important to you, you have several options. If you want a full size sex torso doll, there are torso sex dolls that weigh around 30 pounds and are usually 6 to 4 inches tall. While they are considered small on real women, they can actually save you an inch in the weight department.

These sex torso dolls are easier to lift and store than larger torso sex dolls.

The doll in the picture is a good example: it is a large heart love doll torso that is not too heavy. She weighs about 55 pounds, about half the torso weight of a real woman, and you can still get a face-to-face body that is realistically proportioned.

The miniature love doll torso or sex doll torso you buy has a lighter upper body but is obviously much smaller than a real love doll torso. The advantage of miniature torso sex dolls is that they are also cheaper as they require less material to produce and reduce shipping costs.

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