Why are more and more people choosing doll torsos? Eight reasons to tell you

Why are more and more people choosing doll torsos? Eight reasons to tell you

While a real silicone or TPE sex doll torso cannot replace full human interaction and contact with another person, we believe that a sex doll torso can play a sexual and emotional role in meeting an individual's needs.

Here are eight reasons why a sex doll torso is better than a date:

1. Sex is guaranteed

Have you ever had a seemingly perfect date, or a perfect match, with a girl and then ended the night with your dick? you are not alone!

The reality is, dating is about meeting someone, and most first dates don't end with a home run. However, this process can be very frustrating because we all have sexual needs, and desperation can lead to frustration and disappointment. Find your release every time with a sex doll torso!

If you think they're not ready yet, it's best not to rush into a date...just end the night with your sex doll torso, she's always in a good mood! However, keep your head above water and remember that real women are not always in a happy mood.

Maige Sucking Vibrating Sex Doll Torso

2. New partners may be dishonest

Personal ads are deceptive and everyone is trying to put the most positive light on their dating profile. However, some people may go a step further and lie about their past or current circumstances. Sex doll torso has nothing to hide and doesn't lie! So if you're temporarily sensitive to the initial discomfort of a new partner, or don't have the patience to get to know someone beneath the "layers," a sex doll torso can provide some real reprieve.

3. Sex doll torsos give you the benefit of the doubt

Many people on the dating scene, or who are recovering from a relationship, can be distrustful and often reluctant to fully open up to someone new because they're afraid of getting hurt, or because they're tired of the process.

Sex doll torsos, on the other hand, are always willing to listen, won't judge you, and give you the benefit of the doubt because your interactions with them are one-sided.

However, just because a realistic sex doll torso can't interact with you like a real girl, doesn't mean she can't satisfy some of your emotional needs! Many people have noticed that a genuine relationship with a sex doll torso goes beyond human connection, and that's okay!

4. Sex doll torsos should not be posted on Facebook or texted during a date

With today's technology constantly present in our lives, when you sit down to dinner and realize your real girl is texting her girlfriend (or who knows who!) and shuts you out, depressing. Sex doll torso no cell phone use!

5. No need to guess the “rules”

If you find yourself wondering if you can open the door for your date, worrying about who should pay the bill, or wondering how long you should wait before calling your date the next day, you're not alone!

Dating is confusing. While some may claim to be veterans in the field, the reality is that there is no right answer for every situation.

If the anxiety and stress of this mysterious frame is causing you to avoid dates or breaks, consider yourself a sex doll torso with no imposed rules.

6. Doll torso is not selfish or responsible

The sex doll torso “knows” you and only you. They won't divide their attention between you and friends, family, or other romantic interests. If you are looking for this level of devotion and need a completely devoted partner in your heart, you can find this benefit with a sex doll torso.

7. The doll’s torso has the ability to love

While many people will shake their heads at this statement, keep in mind that the relationship with a sex doll torso is actually one-sided. However, if you feel loved and accepted by a sex doll torso, then we would argue that, in this regard, the cheap sex doll torso is capable of loving!

8. Sex doll torsos don’t judge or label you

Sex doll torsos do not comment on how you look, how you act, how you enjoy sex, or how often you want to have sex with them. You can do anything! If you feel judged by others and are looking for a neutral lover with whom you can share your sexual or non-sexual experiences, a sex doll torso can meet your true needs and can provide great benefits.

We hope this article gave you a new perspective on sex doll torsos, or helped you think about them differently. Keep in mind that there is no “type” of person (male or female) who buys a sex doll torso, and a sex doll torso can serve many positive and beneficial purposes. Like anything else, it all depends on how you use it!

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