Why are men allowed to have sex with cheap torso sex dolls?

Why are men allowed to have sex with cheap torso sex dolls?

It is a way to satisfy fantasies in a one-sided way. It is therefore a type of masturbation with an object that simulates the female body. The advantage for some people is that they avoid all the negative aspects associated with sex, such as mishaps, relationship problems, misunderstandings, physical inadequacies.

Sex can sometimes be complicated. With torso sex dolls or sex robots, we are alone with an object that we manipulate and that does not respond to us or is programmed. This is convenient for people who don't want to face reality.

What types of profiles do these men have?

There are several profiles. To avoid clichés, we can assume that very introverted people who have difficulty building a relationship with someone are attracted to this approach. Others have fantasies and appreciate being able to do whatever they want with these types of objects.

sex doll torso

Today their use is very limited and many people believe that these types of items will no longer be used routinely tomorrow. But their use may have originally been out of curiosity or for fashion reasons.

Some people visit this place as a couple. What does that say?

This is also a fantasy. There is a desire to explore something different, for example when you go to a debauched club. It's a way to bring a little fantasy and novelty into the relationship. Different forms of sexuality can coexist in a couple.

There are now more advanced torso sex dolls, robots that can say “no” to the person using them. What does that tell you?

B It's embarrassing. Of course it's just a robot, but it gives a bad image of a woman who relates to the idea of rape and therefore the lack of consent in a sexual relationship. We don't know what psychological effect this has on people who use such robots regularly. It has a negative impact on the concept of sexual relationships.

Everything is done so that these objects look more and more like a person, which can cause confusion. It should not be implemented into reality. Some people see it as a therapeutic tool. On the contrary, I think it only reinforces certain fantasies. The problem is that there is currently no legal framework. There is no ban on using this type of item.

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