What is it like to have sex with a torso sex doll?

What is it like to have sex with a torso sex doll?

Torso sex dolls are a popular sex toy in recent years, usually made of TPE or silicone material to simulate a human sex torso, with different body shapes and sizes. Below are some categories of torso sex dolls:

1) Sex Torso Dolls by Size

Torso sex doll can be classified according to size or weight, e.g. B. in miniature, small, medium and large. The experience and price of using a sex torso varies between sizes.

- Miniature torso sex dolls are usually smaller and lighter, weighing only about 3kg to 10kg. These miniature sex dolls include: half torso sex doll, hip torso sex dolls. They are easy to grip and carry.

- Smaller torso mastrubators are slightly larger than the mini dolls, are closer in weight to their real-life counterparts and offer a greater variety of functions and play options without being heavier and allow for more torso bodies.

doll sex torso

- Medium and large torso dolls tend to be larger, weighing between 25kg and 35kg, and torso masturbators of this size usually come with a head or legs.

2) Classification by gender

Torso sex dolls can be classified by gender into male, female or shemale. This classification is usually based on the appearance of the sex doll. Male and female dolls are often designed to conform to traditional male and female gender characteristics, such as: B. a man can have a fat body and a woman can have soft curves. Specifically, there are also shemale torso sex dolls that, unlike other sex torso dolls, have three sexual organs: penis, vagina and anus. This can give the user a distinctive and realistic experience. Developed exclusively for the gay audience.

3) Real Doll Torso, classified according to purpose

According to their function, torso dolls can be divided into big ass, big breasts and half torso sex dolls. There are different types of sex torso Dolltorso for different sexual experiences and it is a great experience to buy the right sex torso dolls for your needs.

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