Sex doll torsos are a "special family"

Sex doll torsos are a "special family"

It is said that parents and children in Guizhou Province, China, have received attention because of the special family structure of Qiai Silicon sex doll torso.

The old man of the father bought a sex doll torso after divorcing his wife and saying goodbye to his lover, and suffered a lot of emotional trauma. I came to get it with my heart.

Sex doll torsos are no longer a taboo in modern times. In addition to adult functions, they are widely used, and their partner role is also one of the reasons why they are accepted by many people. Many users in this pair treat them as carefully as they treat their family and friends.

Torso Sex Doll

It seems that there are still many people like Yanyan who are withdrawn, inferior, and have not made many friends in their lives, and Sex Doll Torso listens to them and accompanies them all the time. We are convinced that we are playing the role of "friends" who even give us a warm hug.

Since the implementation of family planning in 1982, due to the increase in social pressure and the change of ideas and concepts, the number of single-child families has continued to increase, and it has increased a lot since the beginning of the new century. Since this generation has no brotherhood and no experience of living with friends at home, torso sex dolls play the role of "brothers and sisters", just like Yang Yang treats "Frost", I often worry about it.

At the same time, the rise in divorce rates in recent years has also exposed the psychological problems of individual family members, rejecting external care due to emotional distrust, making it impossible for people to identify with the sense of security between people in the future.

The emergence of torso sex dolls has also created many special "professions". Makeup artists who specialize in dressing up love doll torsos, baby photographers who specialize in photographing love doll torsos, and fashion designers who specialize in designing skin-friendly and clean clothes for torso sex dolls, they themselves are also a "baby friend" who applies their lifelong skills and interests to torso sex dolls to make them more like real humans.

I think there are many people like parents and children who have never used this sex doll torso for adult sex. As you can see in the video, everything is purposeful and meaningful, and is born to take care of her. There are still many people who think that "raising a baby" is immoral, ridiculous, and perverted. In fact, more and more lovers in China are using this kind of sex doll torso to fill the gap in their hearts. Most sex doll torso enthusiasts are men between the ages of 22 and 55. Apparently, they see the dolls as spiritual companions rather than sex doll torsos.

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