Living with a love doll torso

Living with a love doll torso

Every evening, John and Akira watch TV, talk, eat dinner, and sleep together. Like any other pair - except Akira is made of silicone. The “couple” has been living together for eight years and seems to have no plans to end their relationship.

In February 2018, Steven Crowford, 25, from Scotland, decided to open a brothel with just one sex worker, Silicon torso sex doll. He wanted to charge his customers £60 an hour, but the brothel closed a few days after opening and the owner removed all his contacts from the website.

Love Toys Male Masturbation

Another Briton, Brian Reach, was sentenced to nine months in prison for ordering a sex doll torso from China that reminded customs officials of a real doll torso with child genitals. …… Reach was charged with intending to commit obscene acts with a childlike anime torso sex doll. To be fair, the police were also in possession of child pornography during the house search.

A sex torso doll costs between $100 and $10,00. The more human-like she is, the more expensive the materials used to make her are and the more you have to pay for her. High-quality torso sex dolls are made from medical-grade, high molecular weight, platinum-based silicone. The cheaper ones are made from silicone, which is more abrasion resistant than platinum-based silicone. This means you will see stains, smudges and other imperfections. Plus, a $5,00 torso sex doll looks like a $10,00 sex doll torso.

The higher the price of the torso doll, the stronger the joints are and the more poses you can do. 70% of torso sex dolls are made in China. They are handmade and the manufacturers claim that their vaginas are sometimes “better” than real female vaginas.

A few years ago, photographer Sandra Hoin came across a supposedly cruel documentary about torso sex dolls. She started researching and met John, a man whose sex doll torsos were primarily his wife, in an online forum. John named her Akira. They rarely leave the house, but they watch TV, talk, eat dinner, and have sex every night.

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