Learn how to use torso sex dolls correctly

Learn how to use torso sex dolls correctly

Many shop owners and even many sellers will give us detailed explanations when we want to buy.

In this case, a love doll torso whose body can move its joints freely can meet these requirements.

Ordinary big-breasted torso sex dolls usually weigh 50-70 kilograms, but if you want to touch, it is very important to touch the real person, especially those with slender thighs and big breasts. Now that I have the urge to do this, some people wonder if they should be careful when playing with sex torso dolls for the first time.

sex doll torso

it is true. This means that sex torso dolls must be washed with water before use, and then stop sterilizing, so that we can not only guarantee the service life of torso sex dolls, but also the service life of sex torso dolls. We are healthy and it is a good idea to apply some lube before application.

And after use, we also need to clean the private parts of these silicone torso sex dolls, then wipe them with a dry cloth, and then put them in a cool place, so that they can be put away. We have to be careful not to expose them to sunlight as this will cause the silicone to degrade. These are basically things to think about when working with a real doll torso for the first time.

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