How to deal with abandoned torso love dolls?

How to deal with abandoned torso love dolls?

There are many reasons to give up love doll torsos, such as having a lover, getting married or moving. In short, the important love doll torsos are important to you and your torso love dolls.

1. You can contact the love doll torso buyer

Once upon a time, love doll torso shops were not very popular in those days, and many shops did not have the service of dealing with abandoned torso love dolls. However, now there are more and more love doll torso shops, and the competition is getting more and more fierce. Many love doll torso shops are launching love doll torso recycling services. Some require you to pay for the shipping yourself, but some love doll torso shops will recycle for free. Before buying a sex doll torso, ask if you can recycle it.

Breast Sex Doll Torso

2. List the used torso love dolls on the love doll torso forum.

How did you meet love doll torsos or discover the existence of torso love dolls? You can also express your desire to sell second-hand love doll torsos on SNS. For example, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook is a place where there are always people who like torso love dolls.

Give you a solution to the problem, spend a little money, and for those who want to buy second-hand love doll torsos, you can buy them at a cheap price. It's like three birds with one stone.

3. Final Solution

Cut the body of the love doll torso into pieces, put it in a black plastic bag, and then throw it into a trash can, garbage truck, incinerator, etc. This is the only way if the first two methods do not work. This option is a last resort.

If you must part with the torso love doll, please deal with it in a way that suits you.

If you can't deal with any of the above methods, it is a very annoying and heartbreaking method, but in the end you will get a way to break it down and throw it away bit by bit.

However, it will be a very dangerous landscape, so it is recommended that you do not work in conspicuous places such as balconies, but do it at home.

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