Factors to consider before traveling with a sex doll torso

Factors to consider before traveling with a sex doll torso

The nature of your travel plans will determine how prepared you need to be. Would you like to explore the countryside on a weekend? Or are you visiting another country or traveling within the country? If you plan to travel around the country, consider using your car or, better yet, an RV. This way, you have plenty of space to transport your favorite torso sex dolls and you can even enjoy sex in a safe and comfortable environment.

Sizes of Sex Doll Torsos Of course, how much planning and effort is required to travel with her depends on the size of your Dutch wife. So do you have a teen sex doll torso or a full size model? In most cases, a torso will fit easily into a duffel bag and the inspector will have no problems with it. But if you have a large torso sex doll, you may need to use a large box. Therefore, please consider the size of your sex torso doll before putting together the packaging.

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Adding sex doll torso features

As with dildos and vibrators, additional bells and vibrating whistles can mean you have to be extra careful when traveling with your collection. In most cases, you can turn this feature off while driving to avoid attracting unwanted attention while driving. Additional amenities like big breasted torso sex dolls, warmth and moaning sounds really make you feel like you are at a real wedding.

Pro Tip: If you are planning a trip abroad, you should inform customs officials in advance that you will be traveling with a sex doll torso. It prepares them for the sudden onslaught and, in most cases, the annoying, repetitive questions.

Danger! Traveling with a lifelike torso sex doll is not always strange. After all, she is your partner and the fun doesn't have to take place at home. Travel around the world with your love doll torso and experience wild adventures together – of course. Discover the different torso sex doll women here and start your adventure!

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