How to have sex with a sex doll torso

How to have sex with a sex doll torso

Having sex with a love doll torso is a wonderful experience that is hardly different from a real woman.

In fact, some people prefer real doll torsos over women - don't nag, don't judge and have fun! Why not? Versatility and realism also make them popular among singles and couples to have fun in their sex life.

Your sexual orientation determines the way you have sex with a sex torso doll. However, here are some tips to get you started.

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Prepare your mind and body – Just like having sex with a human partner, it’s important to prepare for the experience. First, keep your thoughts in a way that you find helpful. It doesn't matter if you take a hot shower, listen to some gentle tunes or meditate. you decide.

Master the Basics – You need to have everything within reach before you begin your mission. Whether it's clean towels, lubricants, condoms, or wipes, make sure you keep them in the room. Trust me! The last thing you want to do is stop the fight and rush upstairs to get lube. Also, use heated hoses to warm the torso sex doll's openings to ensure they are at the right temperature for you.

Have a pre-treatment ready - it's always a good idea to dissolve it as soon as you're done with the experience. Therefore, have your cleaning supplies ready to make this process easier. Liquidation extends its useful life and ensures it is always ready for you.

After checking out the general guide to having an episodic relationship with a sex doll torso, here are some details.

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