Explain the four reasons to buy love doll torsos

Explain the four reasons to buy love doll torsos

Love doll torsos seem to have received attention, and the frequency of torso love dolls in recent years reflects this. Such good sales indicate that market demand is growing, and it is expected that the sales of torso love dolls around the world will increase in the future. So why are torso love doll torsos so popular? In fact, there are four main reasons.

Because of the serious imbalance between men and women

The number of single men in the world is increasing, and it seems that some people like sex doll torsos because of the growing popularity of LGBTQ.

Increased separation of couples

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Due to various reasons in work and life, couples cannot stay together for a long time. However, it seems that some people buy torso love dolls for healing because they have a feeling of wanting to be hugged immediately and feel relieved.

Good novelty and novelty

With the emergence of torso love dolls, many people are full of curiosity, and curiosity is bound to appear in someone. If someone takes the initiative, it is bound to affect thousands of people around them. Because, with this curiosity, if someone takes the lead, the atmosphere of this society will gradually expand, generating a great market impulse.

Love doll torsos are priced for everyone

Currently, torso love dolls on the market are divided into high-end, mid-range and low-end. Prices range from tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars, etc. In this way, the price setting that convinces high, middle and low-income groups is also an important reason why lover sex doll torsos are so popular.

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